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Newborn photography never gets old for me. With each baby that comes into my studio, I see a new adventure beginning, a new journey to capture. This family’s newborn photography session was bursting with that new baby joy. I think my favorite part was placing this sweet little bundle into big sister’s lap and watching her little face light up with pride and joy that she was caring for HER new baby! Every face this sweet one made made me want to jump through my camera and kiss his tiny cheeks, especially when I caught that little smile.

I hear of many photographers burning out and falling into a rut when they focus on one genre of photography, but not here. The tiny toes of a newborn and those sleepy smiles fuel my passion each time I am chosen to capture those little details. So, bring me ALL the babies, I am ready to help create some lasting memories for your family!

A mother holds her baby for their newborn photography session.A baby wears a soft knitted cap as he sleeps during his newborn photography session.A baby's hands are folded under his chin as he sleeps naked on a blanket.A newborn sleeps with his hands folded under his head.A baby's hand hangs down as he sleeps in a white bucket.A newborn wears a knitted cap with ears as he naps in a basket.A newborn sleeps with his arms under his chin while in a basket.A newborn holds his little foot as he sleeps in a wicker basket.A baby dressed in a knitted jumper sleeps in a basket.A newborn cries in his sleep.A baby's cheeks squish against the blanket as he sleeps.A newborn's hair sticks up straight during his newborn photography session.A newborn baby boy is swaddled in a cream colored blanket.A newborn's back rolls squish as he sleeps on his tummy.A newborn sleeps naked during his newborn photography session.A young girl lays on the floor, holding her newborn brother.A baby sleeps while in his daddy's arms.A man holds his new baby in front of him.A man holds his newborn son while he is swaddled.A little girl holds her new baby brother in her lap.A man wraps his arms around his wife and two children.A family squishes together for a photo during their newborn photography session.A newborn baby is held by his mother as he sleeps.

With a focus on Lehigh Valley newborn photography, I photograph out of a desire to capture tender, irreplaceable moments in time. I quickly realized that if I wanted to capture true, candid images, I needed to direct to have unscripted, candid moments. That is my goal when creating tangible memories for your family to cherish for years to come. Thank you for visiting my website and taking time to comb through my work. If you are interested in booking a session, please contact me here and I will be in touch so we can plan your experience. If you see something in this blog post that you love and would like to chat more about including it in your session, be sure to copy the link and include it in your inquiry. I cannot wait to hear from you and begin the process of capturing memories for your family!


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