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Can we all just agree that the best baby photographs include rolls?! I seriously cannot get enough of these squishy thighs and her wild hair. Mamas milk sure is nourishing this sweet darling, she is happy, healthy and oh, so beautiful! The days of nursing on demand and staying up countless hours in the night sure can feel like they go on and on, but this time flies by so quickly. She will wean before her mama knows it and she will be off to explore her world and create her own adventures. Those sweet baby rolls will melt away and her cheeks will thin, her hair will tame and she will no longer love that thumb, she will be independent and fierce. This one will move mountains one day, if only inside the hearts of those she loves!


A baby sits for her baby photographs. A baby gives a big smile as she sits on the floor. A baby's feet touch as she sits up. A baby with rolls lays on her tummy and smiles. A baby's feet touch for her baby photographs. A baby sucks her thumb for her baby photographs. A baby wears a dress with flowers on it. A baby sits up on the floor for some photos. A baby puts her feet into her mouth. A baby reaches down and grabs her toes while she sucks her thumb. A baby lays on her tummy on a white bed. A baby plays with her feet as she lays on her back. A baby reaches for her toes as she lays on a bed.

With a focus in baby  photography in Lehigh Valley, I photograph out of a desire to capture tender, irreplaceable moments in time. I quickly realized that if I wanted to capture true, candid images, I needed to direct to have unscripted, candid moments. That is my goal when creating tangible memories for your family to cherish for years to come. Thank you for visiting my website and taking time to comb through my work. If you are interested in booking a session, please contact me here and I will be in touch so we can plan your experience. If you see something in this blog post that you love and would like to chat more about including it in your session, be sure to copy the link and include it in your inquiry. I cannot wait to hear from you and begin the process of capturing memories for your family!


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