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Sweet Mia is so teeny, her daddy’s hands almost cover her entirely! What a precious little girl. I love these sessions when baby is sooo sleepy, I can gently move her into the most adorable little positions. This window of sleepiness passes quickly, in a few weeks, she would be too alert for posing while she naps. Although alert baby photos are wonderful, too, if you’d like some sleepy ones, make sure to book your session early!

One thing about this session that particularly caught my eye was this tiny girl’s daddy. I’m often drawn to the sweet way a mama cares for her new baby, and I was with Mia’s mommy, too. For some reason, though, the connection her daddy shared with her was just so beautiful to me. I know they say that a woman becomes a mother when she’s pregnant and a daddy becomes a father when the baby is born. I don’t know if that is true for this family, but it sure seems that this father has loved his baby girl for a lifetime. I felt a sense of protection and pride when I watched this man hold his little girl… such a magical thing to witness!

Allentown Baby Photographer | Vanessa Lee PhotoA newborn baby sleeps with her mouth open. A baby's lips pout in her sleep. A baby's eye lashes are long against her cheeks. A baby sleeps with her head propped up on her hands. Allentown Baby Photographer | Vanessa Lee PhotoA baby sleeps wrapped in a light pink blanket. A newborn wears a bow on her head as she sleeps. A newborn girl sleeps with a white blanket over her. A newborn sleeping in a basket smiles. A baby sleeps in a basket with white blankets. A mom and dad hold their newborn daughter. A mother holds her new baby close to her face. A father holds his baby to his chest. A baby sleeps in her daddy's big hands. A newborn baby sleeps with a white teddy bear.


As an Allentown baby photographer, I photograph out of a desire to capture tender, irreplaceable moments in time. I quickly realized that if I wanted to capture true, candid images, I needed to direct to have unscripted, candid moments. That is my goal when creating tangible memories for your family to cherish for years to come. Thank you for visiting my website and taking time to comb through my work. If you are interested in booking a session, please contact me here and I will be in touch so we can plan your experience. If you see something in this blog post that you love and would like to chat more about including it in your session, be sure to copy the link and include it in your inquiry. I cannot wait to hear from you and begin the process of capturing memories for your family!


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