Meet Vanessa

Thanks for stopping by and considering me to capture your special memories. I wanted to share a bit about myself as well as my qualifications before you entrust me to capture your most precious memories. I focus solely on newborns through the first year. I'm a wife and mama to two beautiful, energetic children. I am happily married ten years to my husband, Matthias. My son, Matthias (they look alike too!), and daughter, Victoria provide me with no shortage of daily inspiration. My love of photography was born out of my desire to capture and document their precious everyday lives. I found myself wanting to capture literally every detail, every memory. 

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NEWBORN QUALIFICATIONS: When diving into newborn photography, I quickly realized I wanted to provide my clients with a high level of quality and safety measures. If I was going to handle such precious cargo, I wanted to do it appropriatly and safely. I have mentored with the best of the best in the newborn photography industry. It's impossible to ever stop learning in terms of newborn photography. The capabilites are endless and I look forward to what the future brings. 

FAMILY QUALIFICATIONS: I photograph families out of a desire to capture tender irreplaceable moments in time. I quickly realized that if I wanted to capture true, candid images, I needed to direct to have unscripted candid moments. I also learned that certain angles work best to flatter certain body types, as well as posing methods that are instrumental in creating effortless, aestetically pleasing images. I love learning so the story likely won't end there. Continuous learning for me is the minimum requirement for continued success. 


Our family photos taken by Jessica Parrish Photography